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We help SME Businesses to grow faster and more consistently by attracting, converting and retaining high-value customers through conversion-focussed SEO, Content Marketing and Websites with less reliance on external agencies

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Our perks

Attract new customers

Get your business found online by the right people, in the right places and at the right time

Convert more sales

Turn more website visitors into paying customers and increase your average order value

Retain more customers

Get more customers returning to buy from you again and again and increase the lifetime value of each

Is your business growth being hampered by any of these reasons?

Lack of visitors to your website

So, your website is your business’s virtual front door, right? But, what happens when your potential customers can’t even find the damn thing?

It’s like throwing a party and nobody shows up. There you are, excellent products and services in hand, and nobody’s there to see ’em because of lousy visibility.

Lack of sales, leads or enquiries

No sound of a new email, no ‘ping’ notifying a sale, or a day without a new lead can be a real downer.

It’s like yelling into a black hole, wondering if all the hustle is worth it.

You know your business has got potential, but the silence… it’s just too loud.

Your website is letting you down

Imagine having folks round at your place, but the layout’s all kinds of confusing, stuff isn’t working, and let’s be honest, it’s seen better days.

The worry that they might bail without giving it a proper looksee can be pretty bloody stressful.

And the struggle you or your team faces when trying to add or tweak content on your website without begging for help from an external agency or developer? Yeah, it’s a mess.

Your website content isn’t great

Ever feel like you’re talking to a brick wall? Your words, images, and messages just aren’t clicking.

They’re failing to spark anything, and video content (or lack of it)? Forget about it.

It’s like your carefully crafted content is a balloon that just won’t float. Makes you question everything, doesn’t it?

You lack a clear strategy for growth

Feeling lost at sea? No compass, endless horizon, and no idea which way to paddle?

That’s what it’s like when your website, SEO, and content are all out of sync.

The thought of reaching your growth goals feels like a far-off dream when you can’t even chart a course.

You’re stuck paying hefty agency fees

Being stuck in quicksand, that’s what it feels like. Every giant invoice just pulls you deeper into spending, and the returns? Barely noticeable.

And let’s not forget being held hostage by the external agency for the tiniest changes, chewing up both your time and money.

The stress of seeing your hard-earned cash disappear without seeing any progress, it’s like watching your dreams slowly suffocate.

Every SME business owner deserves to grow their business. Including you.

Discover how Northern Sauce can help solve your business growth problems


Hey there! We’re not just any agency; we’re your partner, all geared up to design a growth strategy just for you.

We’re ready to tackle those pesky issues that keep SMEs awake at night: lackluster traffic, too few leads, ineffective websites, dull copy, all-over-the-place strategies, and pricey external agencies.


We don’t mess around. We deliver websites that actually convert, we handle SEO like a pro, and we smash content marketing out of the park. Our goal?

To help you ditch those pricey external agencies and master a growth strategy that you can manage yourself.


If you’re an SME bringing in over £150k annually and are chomping at the bit to scale, we’re your people.

We’re here for those looking for sustainable growth, not just a done-for-you service.

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grow your business in 3 simple steps

Our perks

1. Book your free strategy call

Got a device with internet? Perfect! That’s all you need to kick-start the journey to business growth.

Schedule a video call with us, where we’ll chat about your business: where you’re at, and where you dream of being. No salesy stuff, just a friendly convo. Your business dreams might be closer than you think!

2. We implement the growth strategy

Now it’s our turn to do our thing.

We’ll roll up our sleeves, put on the coffee, and start mapping out a growth strategy tailored just for you.

You can sit back, relax, and trust that your business is in expert hands.

We’ve got this!

3. Your business grows

This is where the magic happens.

Your business starts to pick up pace, attracting more customers, and before you know it, you’re smashing those growth targets.

You’re not just surviving, you’re thriving.

And hey, it’s only the beginning!

You can trust Northern Sauce to help grow your SME business

We understand SME businesses because we are one

Hey, we get it. We’re an SME just like you. We know what it’s like to celebrate every new customer and to scratch our heads when growth isn’t as quick as we’d like.

We’ve faced the same hurdles and jumped over them. So, we totally get where you’re coming from and we’re ready to walk with you on your journey.

Growing your SME businesses is our thing

You know what we’re good at? Helping SMEs like you hit their stride. We’ve done it before for lots of businesses and we can’t wait to do it for you too.

Whether you’re a fresh tech startup or a long-established retailer, we’ve got your back. We’re all about making your business dreams come true. Let’s grow together!

Avoid failure. Find success.

The Rocky Road of Going It Alone

Right now, you might be feeling like a castaway on a business island.

The winds of growth are blowing, but your sail is stuck.

You’re stuck in the grind, wrestling with poor visibility, tangled strategies, and a website that’s more of a puzzle than a tool.

If you don’t grab the lifeline, your business could stay stranded. Picture this: stagnant sales, potential leads drifting by, and that sinking feeling as your competitors surge ahead. The future? A bit grim, we’d say..

Your SME Success Story with Northern Sauce

But hey, flip the script! Picture yourself using our services. Imagine feeling the rush of success as your business goes full throttle. We’re talking about a website that lures in customers, strategies that weave together perfectly, and a leap from the shackles of expensive external agencies.

With us, it’s all about sustainable growth, scaling new heights and truly living the dream of business success. The future? Think sunlit, think flourishing, think about the sweet taste of victory. Now that’s a picture worth holding onto!

What you get with our business growth package

Let’s turbo-boost your growth journey with Northern Sauce’s one-of-a-kind Growth Package. It’s not just a bunch of tools – it’s your roadmap to SME success.


• A spruced-up brand message that speaks your audience’s language.

• A tailor-made WordPress website, sculpted precisely for your business.

• A badass SEO strategy, armed with a 12-month action plan.

• Website content that’s got your brand essence bottled up just right.

• In-depth training to get you and your squad fully powered-up.

If you’re an SME boss craving sustainable, robust growth and tired of being tethered to external agencies, this one’s for you.

This isn’t some magic fix – it needs your time, and your effort, but we’re here to help you along the way.

Costs? They swing between £8,000 to £25,000+ based on your specific needs and how cutthroat your industry is.

Ready to fire up your business growth engine?

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