1:1 website and marketing support and guidance for sme business owners and entrepreneurs

Achieve Online Success Without The expense of Agencies or Outsourcing

I’ll guide you to improve your website and marketing and grow your business, whilst giving you the support and guidance you need to do it all without having to rely on external agencies or outsourcing.

Save money and time, and take control of generating more leads, sales and revenue through your website and marketing.

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Here’s how I can Help You Achieve Online Success

I help SME business owners and Entrepreneurs just like you succeed online.

Website & Marketing Audits

Frustrated by a lack of results coming through your current business website but not sure what the problems are that are holding you back?

Comprehensive website and marketing audits for your current website to help find and fix the issues, with plenty of expert help and guidance from me

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1:1 Guided Website Build

Wanting to DIY build your own business website but feeling lost and overwhelmed due to a lack of skills or direction of where to start?

I’ll guide you along the path from initial idea through to finished website, helping you to DIY build your own site with hands-on support and guidance from start to finish

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I’ll help you achieve online business growth for your SME business

Hello! I’m Dave, your very own website and marketing personal trainer, dedicated to paving your path to business success.

For over half a decade, I’ve honed my skills in website design, development, SEO, and content marketing, working both independently and within top-tier agencies. But my journey wasn’t conventional…

I self-taught these skills, juggling full-time roles ranging from customer service and sales to recruitment, and even law studies. My passion ignited when I built an eCommerce website on Shopify, then WordPress, steering its marketing too.

Sure, I stumbled, but each misstep became a stepping stone, and ultimately, a launching pad for my career.

Now, I offer you my expertise, enabling you to sidestep the pitfalls that impede online business growth. I’ll help you rectify issues with your current website, or help you build your own DIY website, with my expertise and experience to guide you along a successful path.

Because I believe every SME business owner, founder, CEO or Entrepreneur, just like you, can cultivate a thriving online presence without total dependence on external agencies. Remember, if I could do it, so can you!

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See how I’ve helped previous clients succeed


Silver Maverick

“Dave recently carried out a website audit on my site. His understanding of my brand and associated online presence, coupled with his technical knowledge has led to an insightful analysis. Dave is really helpful and approachable and I am very appreciative of his sound advice.”


Kenworth Engineering

“We’ve had a great experience working with Northern Sauce, really helpful and friendly. Our website is now rated A by test sites on its speed and it is already ranking on Google for a lot more key SEO terms. We have already had some new customers find us through this. Northern Sauce helped us realise that a website needs to be so much more than something to just show a presence online.”



“Absolutely brilliant service! Northern Sauce has helped to take our product from nothing to exceeding projections in 6 months, cant recommend highly enough. A*”


L&G Flooring

“Worked with Dave at Northern Sauce on my new company website and I have to say he nailed it! The website is so much more user friendly we got rid of parts of the website that weren’t working for us….So Impressed with his work!”