Find and fix the problems holding your current website back

Feeling frustrated by a lack of leads, sales, or revenue from your current business website?

Do you often find yourself stuck, wondering why this is happening and how to turn the tide?

I understand your frustrations and I’m here to help!

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Do Any of These Website Frustrations Sound Familiar?

You’re getting low numbers Of visitors to your website

Are you struggling to attract visitors to your website?

This could be a sign that your website is not optimised for search engines or your audience simply doesn’t know about you online.

Visitors to your Website aren’t turning into sales or leads

Is your website not compelling enough to convert visitors into customers?

This suggests there’s a gap in your conversion funnel or your website is not effectively communicating your offerings.

Visitors are leaving your Website quickly due to A bad user experience

Do visitors quickly bounce away from your website?

If so, your website may not be user-friendly or responsive enough to provide a satisfying experience.

Your website content isn’t Engaging so you’re not Building trust with visitors

Is your website’s content failing to resonate with visitors?

Poorly written or irrelevant content can lead to loss of trust and reduced customer loyalty.

The design of your website Doesn’t look great and Is out of line with your brand

Does your website’s design not reflect your brand identity?

A mismatch between your brand and website design can confuse visitors and diminish your brand’s impression.

Your website is struggling To rank highly on Google Search

Is your website not showing up in the top search results?

This indicates that your website’s SEO needs enhancement to improve visibility and reach.

Your website is hard to Manage and update Without external help

Finding it challenging to manage and update your website?

A website that requires technical expertise for routine updates can be time-consuming and stressful.

I’ll help you find and fix the issues holding your website back

Navigating the complex world of websites can be daunting, especially when you’re determined to see your business flourish.

That’s where I step in. Through an in-depth website and marketing audit, I’ll identify the blind spots in your website and marketing that might be repelling potential customers or hindering your online growth. On top of that, I’ll then also help you to fix those issues!

Each website holds its unique set of challenges, and recognising them is the first step towards growth.

Whether it’s a flaw in the user experience, a hidden SEO mishap, or content that doesn’t resonate – nothing escapes a meticulous audit.

You’ve invested time, effort, and resources into your business. Now, let’s ensure your website mirrors that dedication.

Work with me and you won’t just have a list of problems – you’ll have a clear path to success and the guidance and support to get there.

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☻ 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied*

1. Exploration

It all starts with an exploration stage where I’ll sit down with you to ask lot’s of questions about you and your business so I can get a deep understanding of your goals and challenges in order that I can give tailored recommendations that will have the most impact for your business

2. Comprehensive Audit

With all the exploration information to hand, I’ll dive into a meticulous analysis of your website. I’ll cover every aspect of your website and marketing from top to bottom and deliver a set of actionable recommendations to help you solve the challenges you’re facing

3. Guided Implementation and Support

Once the audit has been completed I’ll guide and support you in actioning the recommendations given. I’ll be on hand to help you implement the changes and answer any questions you may have

4. Success

The recommendations I provide, as well as the expert support and guidance will help you to solve the biggest issues your website has when it comes to generating leads, sales and revenue, helping you to grow your business online and succeed faster

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☺ 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied*

This is more than a superficial glance over your website. A whole lot more!

I’ll find the issues with your website, content and SEO that are preventing your website generating leads, sales and revenue, and give you hands-on guidance and support in order to implement the improvements.

Here’s what you get:

  • Initial exploration call where I’ll find out everything about you and your business, your goals, and the challenges you’re facing
  • Full audit of your website, including design and user experience, content, and SEO, with a full video walkthrough of the process so you can see what’s been looked at
  • A fully customised recommendation report highlighting the findings and giving actionable steps for improvement PLUS
  • Video walkthrough of the report to explain the recommendations, and how to implement them PLUS
  • 7 hours of my time, to be used how you wish, where I’ll personally help and guide you, using my experience and expertise, in implementing the recommendations from the report
  • Direct message me anytime with questions and I’ll respond with help during office hours via your own easy to use client portal
Book your Free 15-minute Discovery call

How does a Website Audit Propel Your Business Forward?

Slash your Expenditure

Our comprehensive audit report hands over the reins of website improvement to you. Instead of investing hefty amounts on external agencies or contractors, you can confidently implement necessary changes yourself. Boost your business while pocketing savings.

Accelerate your Progress

Time is money – especially in the business world. With our expertly crafted audit, you’ll bypass hours, days, or even weeks of researching online for ways to elevate your website. Our precise, tailored action points deliver the knowledge you need to fast-track your journey towards an improved website.

Sidestep Common Pitfalls

The digital space is brimming with advice about website building, SEO, content writing, and more. But this ocean of information can be paralysing. My years of experience, honed expertise, and deep insights will guide you past the common, costly missteps towards a refined website strategy that truly works.

Achieve Self-Sufficiency

I firmly believe in the potential of each business owner to take the helm of their own digital presence. Yes, agencies can be beneficial for large-scale projects, but the smaller, day-to-day operations? You’re absolutely capable of handling those. Our audit is designed to empower you to steer your business in the direction you desire, reducing reliance on external agencies.

See how our website & marketing audits have helped our previous clients succeed


Silver Maverick

“Dave recently carried out a website audit on my site. His understanding of my brand and associated online presence, coupled with his technical knowledge has led to an insightful analysis. Dave is really helpful and approachable and I am very appreciative of his sound advice.”


Kenworth Engineering

“We’ve had a great experience working with Northern Sauce, really helpful and friendly. Our website is now rated A by test sites on its speed and it is already ranking on Google for a lot more key SEO terms. We have already had some new customers find us through this. Northern Sauce helped us realise that a website needs to be so much more than something to just show a presence online.”



“Absolutely brilliant service! Northern Sauce has helped to take our product from nothing to exceeding projections in 6 months, cant recommend highly enough. A*”


L&G Flooring

“Worked with Dave at Northern Sauce on my new company website and I have to say he nailed it! The website is so much more user friendly we got rid of parts of the website that weren’t working for us….So Impressed with his work!”