1:1 Website build program: Build your own website that looks great and gets leads and sales

Looking to build your own business website but struggling to know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand and wanting some expert guidance to help you build your own website?

Let’s dive into a transformative experience where we build your dream website together, ensuring every click leads to growth!

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You’ve got big ideas for your website but don’t have the skills to bring it to life

Dreaming big is the first step, but without the right expertise, it’s easy to feel stuck and unable to execute your vision.

Your ideas deserve a platform that does them justice.

You’re overwhelmed by the many choices of website building platforms and don’t know which is best

Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify… the list is endless, and each platform has its nuances.

Choosing the wrong one can derail your website goals before you even start.

You’re finding that building your own website isn’t as easy as you thought and need some help

DIY website building platforms make it seem like a breeze, but the reality is different.

Building an effective website requires more than just dragging and dropping.

You’re in the process of building your own website but now you’re struggling to write great content for the site

Content is king.

But crafting compelling, SEO-friendly content that speaks to your audience isn’t as simple as it seems.

Your website design looks nothing like the professional templates you see online

There’s an art to blending functionality with aesthetics.

A disjointed design can repel visitors instead of captivating them.

You want to integrate tools and plugins but don’t know how or which are best

From email marketing to analytics, tools can elevate your site’s functionality.

But without proper guidance, integrations can become a messy and risky affair.

I’ll guide you step-by-step in building the website your business deserves

Delving into DIY building your own website can feel like navigating uncharted waters. You’re driven by passion and envision a website that reflects your business’s excellence. But where do you begin?

This is where I come to your aid. With the 1:1 Guided Website Build Program, you’re not alone.

Together, we’ll take your vision and craft a website that not only looks stunning but also functions seamlessly, attracting and retaining your target audience. And the best part? I’ll be right there, guiding you through each step, from initial strategy and design, through to completed website, equipping you with everything you need and the knowledge to maintain and evolve your site in the future.

Whether you’re grappling with design choices, overwhelmed by the technicalities of building a website, unsure of the intricacies of a great user experience, or the mechanics behind SEO, our 1:1 sessions ensure that no challenge remains unaddressed.

You’ve poured your heart into your venture. It’s only fitting that your website should reflect that same energy and dedication.

By the end of the program, you won’t just have a website – you’ll have a digital powerhouse tailor-made for success, and the confidence to wield it effectively.

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Here’s the plan for the 1:1 Guided Website Program

1. Discovery & Strategy

We start by understanding the core of your business – its goals, challenges, and the audience you want to reach. Together, we’ll draft a roadmap by creating your BrandScript and a tailored marketing strategy. This step ensures your foundation is solid, setting the course for the journey ahead.

2. Design & Development

Once we have our strategy in place, we dive into crafting a website that captures and represents your brand’s essence. From the aesthetics to the user journey, we ensure every detail is optimised for your audience’s engagement and convenience. You’ll be hands-on, working alongside me, turning the design into a live, functional site.

3. Optimisation & Training

Your website isn’t just about looks – it’s about performance. I’ll optimise the website for search engines, ensuring you rank for the terms most important to your business. Alongside this, I’ll empower you with the training needed to navigate and manage your website confidently.

4. Launch & Thrive

The culmination of our efforts! We’ll launch your website to the world, ensuring every element works seamlessly. But the journey doesn’t end at launch; it’s just the beginning. With a website tailored to your audience and optimised for success, watch as your business attracts leads, drives conversions, and flourishes online.

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Get the website your business needs – 1:1 Guided program only £2,999

Your website is the heart of your online business. Ensuring it aligns with your vision, speaks to your audience, and drives results requires a holistic approach.

Here’s the comprehensive package I offer:

  • Discovery – Done with you: We’ll dive deep to align your website with your business goals, target audience, and the unique challenges you face. Together, we’ll crystallise the direction for your digital journey
  • BrandScript – Done with you: Craft your brand’s story. We’ll develop a unique voice, tone, and messaging strategy to capture the essence of what you offer
  • Marketing Strategy – Done for you: I’ll strategise the perfect route to your audience, devising actionable plans and KPIs to ensure you’re always on the path to success
  • Website Design – Done for you: Expect a sleek, user-friendly design that not only showcases your brand but is also primed for conversions and built for all devices
  • Content – Done with you: With my guidance, we’ll sculpt compelling website content, optimise for maximum impact, and ensure every page drives your visitors to act
  • Website Build – Done with you: Dive into the world of WordPress and Oxygen Builder. I’ll guide and train you, and together, we’ll bring your design vision to life, ensuring stellar user experience and functionality
  • SEO – Done for you: I’ll ensure your site is search engine ready, targeting optimal keywords, scoping out the competition, and weaving SEO into every nook and cranny
  • Training: I’ll give you the knowledge to manage and refresh your website, grasp WordPress nuances, and maintain best practices
  • Launch – Done for you: The big moment! I’ll handle the smooth transition, execute final tests, and together, we’ll toast to your new online presence
  • 12 Months Hosting, Maintenance, and Support Included: Rest easy with hassle-free hosting. I’ve got you covered with automatic updates, backups, top-tier security, and round-the-clock chat support PLUS
  • Direct access to me for 6 months for consulting calls: Once your website is up and live it doesn’t end there! Get 6 hours of my time across 6 months of direct access to my experience and expertise via live chat or video call to help get you motoring towards your business growth goals!
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Looking to create an eCommerce website to sell products online? Guided website build program for eCommerce costs £3,999

How will the 1:1 Guided Website Build Program Transform Your Business?

Elevate Your Brand

This program doesn’t just build you a website; it crafts a digital representation of your brand. From design to content, every element is meticulously curated to echo your business’s essence. Amplify your brand’s online presence and stand out from the competition.

Fast-Track Digital Mastery

Dive headfirst into the world of website building with our comprehensive guidance. Gone are the days of slogging through endless online tutorials. We’ll work side-by-side, ensuring you grasp the essentials, making your digital journey smoother and faster.

Avoid DIY Disasters

While DIY website building can be rewarding, it’s also riddled with potential pitfalls. With our combined approach of professional expertise and hands-on collaboration, we help you bypass common mistakes. Get a polished, functional website without the usual trial-and-error frustrations.

Ownership & Independence

Your involvement in the building process doesn’t just give you a website – it gifts you the skills and knowledge to maintain and enhance it. With our training and continuous support, you’ll find yourself confidently making updates, tweaks, and changes, all while understanding the ‘why’ behind them. Embrace true digital independence.

See how I’ve helped other SME businesses to succeed


Silver Maverick

“Dave recently carried out a website audit on my site. His understanding of my brand and associated online presence, coupled with his technical knowledge has led to an insightful analysis. Dave is really helpful and approachable and I am very appreciative of his sound advice.”


Kenworth Engineering

“We’ve had a great experience working with Northern Sauce, really helpful and friendly. Our website is now rated A by test sites on its speed and it is already ranking on Google for a lot more key SEO terms. We have already had some new customers find us through this. Northern Sauce helped us realise that a website needs to be so much more than something to just show a presence online.”



“Absolutely brilliant service! Northern Sauce has helped to take our product from nothing to exceeding projections in 6 months, cant recommend highly enough. A*”


L&G Flooring

“Worked with Dave at Northern Sauce on my new company website and I have to say he nailed it! The website is so much more user friendly we got rid of parts of the website that weren’t working for us….So Impressed with his work!”