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Is the content on your website answering all the questions your customer has?

Post Date: 11 Nov 2022
Author: NorthernSauce

Is the content on your website answering all of the potential questions that a customer may have about your products or services?

Questions about price, problems or issues.

Who's the best in the market at what you offer?

If it's not, you might be missing out on a massive opportunity to make more sales or get more clients.

I'd love to share a book with you that explains this in far more detail. This book could easily change the way you approach content marketing for your own business so if you're interested to know more, drop me an email at [email protected] and ask me for the book and I'll share the link with you.

Now the truth is most customers have already researched tons about what you do before they've ever found your website or found your business.

Nowadays it's very easy to find lots of information about things that we want to buy online however most of the content doesn't answer the important questions customers might have, such as how much will it cost, what problems or issues are there with the products or service that you offer, how do you compare to other businesses offering the same thing? Who's the best in the industry at what you offer?

Now, most companies don't want to talk about these things in the content on their website for fear of putting customers off making a purchase, but all it does is leaves customers with unanswered questions, and customers who have doubts aren't going to buy.

There is a way we can remove that doubt from the customer's mind, and it can help move them along with that purchase decision.

That way creating content for your website that answers every single question that the customer might have will alleviate the doubt and help to build trust with that customer making it easy for them to make the decision. 

Sounds simple but scary for most of us. I know I was scared hearing this philosophy to start with, but the more I think about it, the easier it becomes to implement.

Give it a go yourself. Answer even the toughest questions your customer is asking. Be the only one in your industry answering these tough questions and you'll get more customers coming to you over your competition.

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