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Are you struggling to achieve your goals?

Post Date: 09 Nov 2022
Author: NorthernSauce

Are you setting yourself goals in life, maybe professional, business or life goals and finding that you're not achieving the goals that you're setting for yourself?

If you are, I 100% know your are pain. I know where you're coming from, and I just wanted to give a little bit of insight into some stuff that I've been learning about recently that's really starting to help me to set better goals and to actually them.

So the first thing that I've realised why I've never been good at achieving the goals that I've been setting is the desired outcome or future vision that I've been setting as part of the goal hasn't necessarily been something that I've been bothered about.

So in this day and age, it is really easy, especially with social media to compare yourself to other people and start wanting stuff that they have and what I've found is when I've done that in the past and set goals based on those type of things, is that I've not really been that bothered about them.

What that leads to is you just not being arsed to actually put the steps in place to get you from A to B and achieve the goals.

So if you have a look at the goals that you've set for yourself and just have a real think, is this something that I am really passionate about and that I want to achieve and if it is, great, carry on and obviously start moving towards those goals.

If you're not truly bothered about it, then maybe it's time to just scrap those off and start focusing your attention on stuff that you are really bothered about.

Now, the second bit of insight that I've kinda looked into and again, I've started putting into place when I've been setting my own goals, is around proper planning.

So what this means is getting everything written down in terms of what your goal is and being really clear on what you need to do to get from A to B.

So this is looking at the objectives that you need to set yourself to get to your desired end results. So the little steps that are between the start and the end, and it's those bits that are really important to nail down.

It gives you an opportunity to see how you're progressing along towards your goal and it also gives you a little bit of a boost every time you meet those little objectives and once you start stacking those up, obviously that's what gets you to the end.

So that's something that's been really powerful for me is breaking down the bigger goal, the bigger end vision into small, tiny little steps.

And then just working those little steps every day, every week or whatever time scale. To get me to the end. The last bit is all down to commitment. So again, this kind of ties into point number one about doing stuff that you're truly passionate about. Once you find those things that you're really passionate about, it's far easier to be a hundred percent committed to it.

And once you've got that a hundred percent commitment in place, you will start seeing yourself achieving the goal.

It'd be great to find out what sort of goals you're setting for yourself, where you've struggled in the past open up conversation with me. I'd love to speak to you about it, and good luck with achieving your own goals in the future.

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